Bat Collective -HP Mini Big Books

Here are some stills from the advet directed by BAT Collective (Mat Landour and myself) for HP (Hewlett packard).

This advert celebrate CMYK for the release of HP mini big books, their new series of customizabe children's books

Directed, art directed, character designs and edited by BAT Collective
produced by Passion Pictures
agency:Fred et Farid
animated by: Leo Schweitzer, Leyla Kaddoura, Vic Chhun, Chenghua Yang
backgrounds designed by Baptiste Lucas
compositing by Slimane Aniss


Bat Collective -DOMRU

These are images from the Domru comercial I co-directed/art directed and did the character designs of as BAT

Bat Collective -Fanta Tf Boys

These are images from the Domru comercial I art directed as BAT

Bat Collective -Kellog's KRAVE

These are images from the Domru comercial I co-directed/art directed as BAT

Bat Collective -Shock Therapy artwork

Here is some artwork I did for the short film I co-directed with Mat landour as BAT collective.



Karicare artwork -Blackbird

Here is some initial artworking I did for an advert for Karicare for Blackbird in Syndey.


Pitch character designs

Here is some initial character designs made for a pitch


Bat Collective -Agence de la Biometrie-Hommes

This is an image from Bat Collective (Matthieu Landour and I's collective)'s first advert for l'Agence de la Biomedecine.

Find the film on

Below is the original Artwork I made for the advert.


Lipton Pitch character Design

I designed this robot character for a pitch for director Mat Landour, modelled and animated at Passion pictures


Soreen advert for Blink ink

I designed the Winning chracater designs for Soreen's pitch for the talented director Joseph mann at Blinkink and also worked on the final character designs which were then made into a puppet integrated into iive action

watch the advert on:


Bat Collective -Agence de la Biometrie-Femmes

This is an image from Bat Collective's (Matthieu Landour and I's collective) second advert for l'Agence de la Biomedecine.

Find the film on

Pitch Designs

These were some bird character designs I did for a pitch for a diet crisps print campain.

Below an alternative styleframe for 3d animation advert.

Bat Collective Short Film

This is an image from our upcoming 2D short film, co-directed with Mat landour at Bat Collective. Sneek peeks will be revealed soon!







Golden Wolf-wawa hoagifest

I mainly worked on layouts for the wawa hoagifest summer and crank ads. I also designed a few secondary characters.

main characters and original pitch designs were created by the lovely Ewen stenhouse, art director at golden wolf.



character designs and concept art





Advert for Nomint-

I art directed and designed an advert for the lovely guys at Nomint. Here is the original artwork I designed originally,and a few rendered stills of some of the backgrounds that were created for the advet.

link to the advert to cone soon.

concept art






Pitch-Passion Pictures

character designs for Man and Dog Pitch



Pitch-Nexus productions

concept art

Nexus productions

concept art and various designs for Thailand advert.



CBeebies Nativity

Myself and Mat Landour worked on a 2D animation for a Nativity Animation for Cbeebies for Beakus Productions.

A boy tells the story of the nativity by using his puppet theatre.

Bat Collective Pitch

This is a pitch I made as Bat Collective with co-director Mat landour for Passion Paris.this was a pitch for a children's video about the environment.

Google Pitch

This is a pitch I made in collaboration with Mat Landour for Passion Pictures London.


concept art/ character design

Bat Collective-Meat Puppets Tribute.

I co-directed and designed Meat Puppets Tribute for Bat Collective. I hand made a bunch of human sized sausages and various meat puppets for the video.

here are a few pics. More can be seen on the Bat collective tumblr:



concept art



concept art/character designs





concept art/ character design




concept art


Pitch-xyz productions

style frame and charcetr design

Art direction Bali Engel

Director Mat Landour


Pitch-xyz productions

Folded paper characters in newsprint.

stylframes nd character designs.

Art direction Bali Engel

Director Mat Landour




Pitch-Nexus Productions

charcater designs Bali Engel

director Conor Finnegan



concept art/ character design with director Mat Landour.

12 MTV seasonal idents -The Mill London

Animation direction Bali Engel, Original Illustration by 123 Klan

valentines day, summer, christmas and halloween themed idents.


Executive Producer: Luke Colson, VFX Producer: Sophie Hogg

2d Artists: Maki Yoshikura, Tim Mc Court, James lancett, Robert Milne, Jessica Tan, Klaudia Dragowska, Bali Engel.



British Heart Foundation advert Feb 2011

Directed and animated by Bali Engel, original illustrations by Andy Smith








Pitch- Across the Pond productions

director Bali Engel

Google Pitch July 2011

2 day pitch


Google Pitch March 2011

director Bali Engel

2 day pitch