Picture book written by Dee Leone, illustrated by Bali Engel. Published by Sterling Publishing.

Nature's Lullaby Fills the night-Out Feb,6 2018

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OVERVIEW- Night falls, and the world sings a lullaby in this beautifully quiet picture book. The lush illustrations and gentle, rhyming text will lull young readers to sleep.

Shh—listen. Can you hear the quiet, loving sounds of the nighttime world? From moths fluttering their powdery wings, to a nightingale’s sweet trills, to swaying willow trees softly shushing, shushing everyone to sleep, this rhythmic, rhyming lullaby will soothe and calm little ones. The tender, nature-filled bedtime scenes sweep across land, sky, and sea, with animal parents everywhere tucking in their children. A final scene featuring a mother and her baby brings the whole story back home.